Know the stats on your mailings

Postmaster is a service that lets you see statistics about mailings for recipients who are users

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Benefits of Postmaster

Track audience response

Know how many people are reading your mailings and how many delete them without opening them.Know how many subscribers have marked your mailings as spam.

Also, easily configure the system to send FBL reports and see which specific subscribers have marked your emails as spam.

Know your email delivery rate

Stay informed on the progress of the mailing process: how many emails have already been sent and delivered, how many were marked as spam or were blocked.

Receive notifications about problems

Stay up to date with us. The 'Problems' section instantly shows you what went wrong. Respond quickly and make your mailing effective. Become the master of mailings!

Receive data for A/B tests

Conduct testing to increase conversions. See which mailings work best. Adjust what you do to achieve a higest delivery rate.

Study trends in charts

Analyze the situation simply by glancing at a chart. Prepare visual presentations for partners or management. All statistics are already presented in understandable charts.

Set up avatars for emails

Make your mailing recognizable and subscribers will instantly understand who sent the email. Properly composed emails reduce the risk that your mailing will be marked as spam.

By skillfully using data from Postmaster, you will improve the quality of your mailings

High-quality mailings are the key to user loyalty and minimizing complaints, which translates to a good reputation in the eyes of and a high delivery rate.

By adding your domain, you accept the User Agreement

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