AMP emails

About AMP

The AMP technology in the email service will allow to update information in emails in real time. Recipients will also be able to use the received content — for instance, change an order — within a message directly. Now the users will be able to interact with newsletters much more efficiently using them essentially as websites.

AMP emails are easy to create: they are adaptive and can be put together from ready components offered by an open-source community.

AMP Documentation

How to enable

If you are a user

1. Go to the playground and send any example (or make your own AMP email) into your inbox. Or just click here.

2. We'll ask you to sign in. You don't have to sign up, you can use any email account, like Gmail or Hotmail.

3. Now you can play with it on the web or in mobile apps.

If you are a Email sender

1. Embed AMP part to your existing emails.

2. Ensure that it pass SPF, DKIM, DMARC checks.

3. Request us to add your sender email to the whitelist.

Emails examples

Build your AMP email

Use the HTML editor to compose AMP emails. The editor displays your completed solution and highlights any errors so that you can correct them right away. You can immediately put into your inbox.

Open Playground